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Your desire is a fire to be stoked, not a problem to be solved.

Sexual Wellness Is Essential.

Story Telling Is Powerful.

All you need...

Is You!

You are entitled to feel good in your body. Recognising what brings you pleasure makes you more alert to all the other ways joy should be showing up in your life. Tapping into your sexual powers is a step on the journey to asserting that power everywhere.

Great stories illuminate the parts of yourself you may have lost touch with, or have yet to discover. They give you ideas, and meaning, and affirm that you are never alone. They remind you that sex is more than sensation: it’s about chemistry, intimacy, and connection.

It’s a radical and freeing realisation that the answers to your own pleasure have always been a part of you. By flexing your imagination and getting familiar with your fantasies and boundaries, you’re primed for great sex with yourself and with others.

Empower Your Mind To Go To New Heights Of Sexual Experiences!

Sex is as mental as it is physical, women tend to need a lot more than just an amazing vibrator!

Sure, there might be that one chapter in that one book that you always go back to, but that’s not good enough! You want to hear stories that feel like they were made for you, for your friends, and for all of the women who felt like erotica didn’t really connect with their lives and experiences.

Breathless have made it our mission to build a narrative universe that cares about your needs, wants, and fantasies—down to the smallest, most intimate details. We hope it lights you up.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It. Here's What A Few Of Our Members Has To Say About Breathless...

“I just wanted to say thank you for the content you have on your Breathless website.

I am a widow of two years and also a survivor of verbal and emotional abuse from my late husband. I have been working on healing myself the last two years but one thing I still struggle with is my self confidence. The spicy content you have makes me feel wanted and needed in ways no one ever has. And while I am putting myself out there content like this is helping me to make sure I voice my needs and wants.

Additionally your sleep sounds are the best I’ve heard. Even better than what some other big name apps have. I was asleep within minutes last night which never happens for me. As I can’t turn my mind off. And when I woke up in the middle of the night it helped once again.

All of this to say I appreciate you and what you do and to keep doing what you are doing because it is helping me with my healing and confidence.”

  Jenny. Breathless Member.

“I I just purely wanted to say thank you.

I know I am lucky, blessed with the ability to get frequent and intense orgasms. And I absolutely love it!
But for the last at least six years I haven’t been able to squirt like I could in the past. It was like I had a mental block that stopped me from fully letting go.
Probably due to my x fiancé always complaining that I would push him out when I came… Making me hold back subconsciously, to the point that I apologise when I have an orgasm.

My first night on this app I was listening to Sean, can’t remember which story, and he said something like “you can relax into it you’re safe here” and I immediately realised that I had to stop and grab myself a towel as those simple words just freed me to let go and have the first squirting orgasm I’ve had in years.

God it was amazing! I just feel free and happy.
Thank you Sean!”

  Charlotte P. Breathless Member.

“I’m a single mother of 2 who works full time. I found you on tiktok about a week ago and was immediately aroused by your voice. Last night while watching your live I decided to give breathless.app a chance. I must tell you, I’ve been having trouble reaching orgasm for months… stress, life, the lack of a sexual partner, etc. Let’s just say after listening to your stories I was able to finish 3 times in one night! Thank you for helping me release most of my stress. You have found yourself a loyal, supportive and extremely satisfied member

  Irma. Breathless Member.

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