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Let yourself go in ways you never thought possible. Bed time stories are just about to get a whole lot more interesting!

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What's Breathless?

Well hopefully you will be in the next 30 mins! Breathless is where storytelling meets sexual wellness. Our audio will illuminate the parts of yourself you might have lost touch with, gives you ideas for your own life, and fires up the imagination.

Bedtime Stories To Ignite Your Soul & Help You Drift Off Afterwards

We’re here to turn you on and tuck you in. Start exploring your body and senses, whilst being guided by one of our sexy hunks. Or dive straight into one of the many short erotic fantasy stories on offer, which we call “Quickies”.聽 And when you’ve had as much fun as you can take, you can then drift off to a deep slumber by listening to one of our sleep audios. 馃挙

Take A Preview Of What To Expect...

Heating Up Preview. Erotic Story
Edging Preview. Self Exploration
Sail Away Preview. Sleep Audio

Read What Our Members Are Saying About Our Erotic Audio Episodes...

  • Patricia Hatton on In The Bathtub: “Definitely need a bigger bath. I am so speechless and I can’t think straight… oh wow馃槇馃サApr 28, 11:40
  • Julie McGuire on In The Bathtub: “DAMN!!! Speechless after that…馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟馃敟Mar 26, 23:57
  • Julie McGuire on Welcome To The Dungeon: “Still catching my breathe!!! My, my, my!Mar 22, 22:20
  • KarenKarenK Ford on The Forest: “OMFG what are you doing too me. As said a couple of comments above it felt like I was there…Feb 3, 04:25
  • KarenKarenK Ford on Stay With Me: “A good strong erotic story xxFeb 3, 04:07

The Voice Of Breathless

Introducing Sean, AKA “Sean Collins” over on TikTok. He’s been a professional voice over artist and voice actor now for over three years. Making use of his naturally deep and husky tones, Sean’s voice is perfect not only for getting you aroused, but also has hypnotic qualities that will ensure you are able to drift off to sleep after he’s read you a bedtime story.

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Breathless Community

Breathless only just launched this year. At the moment we have enough content to keep you busy for your first week, and we will be adding around 5-10 new stories each week from there on in…

As such, we are discounting our subscription fee for everyone who joins up during the Summer months of 2023. You’ll then lock that subscription fee in for as long as you stay with us. Your early support for Breathless gets up and running faster, and will ultimately prove invaluable to us. As such, we are hugely grateful for your support and look forward to hearing your feedback as we grow.


Sean and the Breathless team.

Frequently Asked Questions

To access our professionally made and produced erotic audio content, we charge a simple monthly subscription fee of 拢7.99. International customers will be charged the equivalent in their currency at checkout.聽

You can access Breathless from any country, as long as they aren’t restricting access to UK based websites. Chances are, if you are reading this, you can then access our full content safely and securely.聽

At present we currently have 4 Self Guided Play episodes, 12 Erotic Short Stories (each around 10 mins long), and 4 Sleep Stories (10-30mins long). This is because we have literally just launched this website and our priority to being with was on this site functioning perfectly. Now that it’s finally live, we will be adding new content each month, at the rate of 5-10 new episodes. Within the first month of your membership we can assure you that you will have a very good selection of audio to listen to.

Also, as an early founding member, you will gain access to lifetime subscription fees at the special introductory rate. The subscription fee will eventually be 拢10.99 per month from Summer 2024.聽

Yes you can. Just simply log on to your PayPal account, find recurring payments, and cancel your recurring payment to Breathless. If you do not have a PayPal account, please email and request a cancelation. Once cancelled, you will still have access to member content up until the end of your current billing cycle. And of course, you can then rejoin again whenever you like.

We use Paypal as our payments processor for member subscriptions and any other add on purchases from Breathless. So if you have a Paypal account, you can use that, or alternatively just use any debit or credit card that is compatible with Paypal (pretty much all are).聽

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